Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grime Grit and More Warm Weather Bullshit

 The photo to the left is what the front of my coat looked like not even five minutes into the ride. Once I had the bike together outside the Jeep I quickly realized I forgot fenders and passed it off thinking I wouldn't really need them.

I was wrong.

Even geniuses can be wrong sometimes.

This warm weather has the valley in a sea of grimey goo from giant slush puddles on the multi use and singletrack to lakes of water mixed with grit and grime on the paved accompanied by a sea of black ice.

It was shit out there again but not as bad as last Saturday. The trails held me today for the most part. There were puddles and sections of slush but for the little singletrack I rode today. I had a smile on my face.

Todays daylight to dark ride started at Henrietta Louise park and I zipped to the outskirts of Rundle park and it was truly glorious. Not 56 km on Saturday with a small possee glorious but it was pretty great. I felt shitty before leaving and was close to throwing in the towel but texts back and forth with Jason regarding possible mountain trips this year did me in.

It took me about six Kilometers to shed off the weight of a shitty day and I was born anew all thanks to the magic of bikes and the Edmonton river valley. I believe those two great forces combined create a cataclysmic super power that makes life Super-Hella-Fucking-Awesome.

I purposly hit as many hills as I could whether paved or multi use. The thought in the beginning of this ride was "I feel like shit, I'm going to try and punish myself a bit." Most of the climbs were on paved as they were the ones that took me to the top of the valley.

A long descent on the stairs in the below picture was one of the highlights of the night in a very quiet river valley. The weather is warm but the people know the conditions. That was the part of the ride that ate me up a bit on a brand bew beautiful bike. The grime and grit slowly eating away at my drivetrain. I should have set up the Stumpjumper for this one...

Wait a minute, I sold my studded tires for that bike! what was I thinking?

the rush hour up above, all quiet down below
a return to the potty break photos, please don't pee in the middle of the trails boys and girls, we have
enough dog shit to manouver around as it is already

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