Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Bike, New Ride

 What could be a better way to pop the cherry on your new fat bike than a ride with yours truly. The Lonebiker. Oh I'm sorry, the self absorption is raging right now. Let me put that in a closet and get right back to you..

 What could be a better way to pop the cherry on your new fat bike than a ride on New Years Day with Jason and that other guy with the ripped and tattered Winter jacket who speaks with a lisp?

Gord's new bike, Rubber Side Down from Toronto Ontario, the model named "The Mayor" appropriate and once hilarious when Rob Ford was running around drunk and high on crack. Now he is quite sick where I'm betting all due to lifestyle. If you are reading this and do not get the humour in the naming of the bike. Step away from the computer and grab an ice cold pitcher of water and dump it on your head. Now stick your head in between a door and door frame and slam it. Do you get it now? I'll sit and wait till you are done...

The first ride reports from Gord are nothing too extravagent in the way of fat bike love, with the trail conditions of today any bike could be ridden. Thoughts of being on my nimble Summer hardtail raced through my mind a few times. Things will be different when there is lot's of fresh snow on the ground. Which is happening right now. Happy, happy, joy, joy..

It was an incredibly warm day. Much too warm for my liking. The trails were in good condition so I guess there is no reason to complain, Not a lot of ice was out and the snow was quite tacky which made it fun to ride in. I just wish that January could be more like January weather. Plus two on New Years Day is bullshit.

The ride from Mill Creek to the ski lodge at GoldBar for lunch was all ridden on the South side. It was a slower day in the river valley which I found odd given the weather. Is there that many people hung over on New Years? The return ride was primarily done on the North side of the river where we ended up at Jason's house and a New Years post ride beer was had.

they rode the bridge, i went around. for shame...
pine needles and hard packed snow, a sign of the warm weather
the bikes bowed down and saluted the new river valley king
onward ho fat bike soldier. slayer of snow, sleet, hail, and anything that was in his path

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