Thursday, February 26, 2015


Bikeinsomnia; Ride four. I had absolutely nothing. A lot more kilometres were ridden as opposed to last Tuesday's debacle of a ride but I suffered.

"Is this what comes with turning thirty nine?" I often wondered today. Knowing deep down I just have some sort of weird virus. I am typing this in a weird sweat combined with a slight chill accompanied by a slight case of being a big bitch.

The ride started in Forest Heights and was ok until after riding through Andre's trail. That is where all the energy was sapped out. I think only three or four kilometres in. How incredibly sad.

I didn't turn around and made myself ride to Rundle park to soak in the refinery fumes. A frustrating stop at the skating shack for a warm up to find it locked and I left and limply rode the top of the valley and dropped back in at Concordia School.

The ride was very uneventful so if I were you I wouldn't even bother reading this last couple sentences. But before you leave. The trails from what I rode seemed to be in much better shape. Unlike myself.

All this being said, some time off the bike is definitely in order. 

the bike was so unimpressed by the sluggish ride it tried to escape, what an asshole bike i have

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