Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bit by the Rocky

 The photo to the left strongly congregates my feelings towards the rear hub of the Rocky Mountain which quickly stopped my ride today. It's ok bike. I still love you. Things are a bit unstable now is all..

Could it be the seatpost that  has me inflamed with rage? Nope. The constant ghost shifting while in the big ring and putting the pedal to the metal while climbing the steeps? Well... Maybe.

Or maybe it was the rear hub that exploded today forcing me to walk home after a meet up with Jason, Kent, Fred, and being introduced to Andy, and Keith. That right there has officially put this bike in the backpages.

When I got home from this one I firmly told my wife "This is why I like expensive wheels" all while pointing at the Moots referring to it's now old Industry Nine wheelset which probably have more miles on them than Madonna's vagina and still seem to run fine, just like Madonna's vagina.

Things were setting up to be an incredible day. A large group ride which goes against every fibre of my bike being was actually quite nice. We started in mid Mill Creek and pressed on Eastward hitting all the great trails in-between. The trails are very Summer like given the foliage but dry, too dry to be honest. When following people the dust turned into a problem. Something I have never dealt with before, most likely cause I never exceeded the ride limit of three kindly sir's to swap trails with.

Things were great, just like any other bike ride. I was a spectator to a great over the handlebar crash from Keith which reminded me of yesterday's crash in Fort Saskatchewan. Only he bled like a man. Yesterday I protruded nothing. I got to ride with new guys today and it was awesome. it ended quickly with the rear hub exploding after my climb out of the steeps in Capilano onward to Andre's trail.

Once the hub was toast I said good bye to the group and walked back waiting for my hero in the mini van to come save me. Walking to McNally school whilst walking through a mixture of tons of runners in a race event, I could not help but notice just how lame the race was. I was walking up the steep paved climb towards Forest Heights and was keeping pace with a couple runners. I almost lost control of the senses and yelled "Holy shit people! I'm walking a fucking broken mountain bike and am keeping pace with you!' Huff, Huff... "What the actual fuck!? Really??"

But I didn't

I kept it cool, meanwhile succumbing to heavy breathing maniacs all around me.

In the end, this day ended too abruptly. I want a redo.

short abrupt turns on dusty singletrack spell out an awesome spring
short abrupt switchbacks make the world a better place
fap fap fap..
this is called "the walk of shame" sadly shared with a bunch of out of shape race runners
fap, fap, fap, rides some planks
this right here is how a mountain bike leg should look like in mid may

Beer Friday (yes we know its saturday) Stanley Park Brewing, TrailHopper IPA

This post is brought to you by Google Chrome!  Well here we are and as promised a beer review happened after a miserably failed ride attempt...