Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The End of Golf Course Trail

I had heard about the massive change to the Golf Course Trail in Terwillegar Park. One of the last bit of remaining awesome in the entire Terwillegar area. You now have Firemans to hold onto but with the new bridge construction taking place in the area it's hard to say what we will be left with in the end. I started my ride in cameron Heights and got to see first hand the changes or destruction on Golf Course Trail. What got me was the overly wide swath of trees that they cut down to fit an eight foot wide trail. It was beyond ridiculous. Needless to say, seeing this made me very angry.

So I rode on and got out of Terweillegar and took my anger out on the trails heading into Hawerlak on the south side. Armed with no camelback and any sort of snack to help out the cause on a possible long ride. I went on anyways. I debated on riding in Mackinnon, seemed to ride alongside it with thoughts of returning through Laurier, thought better of it and rode the sexy roots of Mackinnon's better half of trail.

Bobsled, Groat Road Rollercoaster, and my girl, Victoria's Secret all called and teased me but I crossed on Groat Road Bridge and returned towards the Jeep. A visit to the Talus Dome and a ride in Patricia Ravine were some of the highlights before entering Terwillegar Park again to be reminded of the lost great trail where I had tons of early mountain bike memories. I hear they are building more trails after but only time will tell how good they will compare to the Golf Course Trail.

In the end a rather big ride just sort of happened which makes life pretty great. I completely avoided the chopped up golf Course Trail and rode the residential streets of Terwillegar before dropping back into the valley at the Justice Staff Training Centre. I even rode across the field that they had signs up saying to keep bikes off. Ya, that's right. I'm badass.

A return to the videos below was more of a tester as I traveled with no camera and was armed with an iPhone. I know this is a pretty lame so please don't judge. I mean it. I'm sensitive.

Hwk-Talus from sherijumper on Vimeo.

one of the best sites in the river valley
once upon a time you were completely surrounded by trees
oh the humanity

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