Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Calling Ewok Forest

Another ride on the hardtail and after late today finding out the Rocky Mountain's rear hub is completely destroyed. I won't be riding that bike again on this set of days off. That boys and girls is quite aggravating as I think of the money that has gone into the Rocky and not being able to ride it as it is down again.

This is why I love the hardtail wonder bike. It's simple and awesome. The ride from Henrietta Louise to Capilano and back through Mill Creek was nothing but win win. I stayed on the dusty trails on the north side, crossed the river and took Risky Business, Andre's, and Caddyshack heading west. These trails with the exception of Risky Business are all a lot easier on the legs heading east. Given that I barely hit 20 km today, it wasn't a big deal.

The highlight was venturing into the famed Ewok forest high side for a look to see how things have made out. The last few rides through there last year were quite nasty. Today the whole trail was good to go and with each blind corner expecting to have to get off and walk or possibly swim, a giant smile took over as I knew Ewok was back, and it was just as awesome as the last time I got to ride it. Maybe it's been back for a while. I have stayed away for too long.

The ride ended with a rare visit to Mill Creek. Why was it rare? I didn't start riding there that's why. Remembering a time when it was out of the question to start riding anywhere else except starting in Mill Creek or Terwillegar park. The Mill Creek stint today took me to the pool where I circled around, creepily peeked in while passing by and came back home. The beard made me do weird things. That's why I shaved it after today's ride.

these are ewok roots boys and girls, and if not respected they will surely fuck your shit up good
a television production which had a diva with an umbrella who i wanted to run down on the bike because of
the umbrella (it was a guy) i eventually just rode through, what were they doing on my trail anyways?

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