Friday, May 8, 2015

Victoria's Secret Was Calling

Two days past the snow day ride and the trails have somewhat returned to their true form.  Todays ride from the Queen through Victorias Secret, Groat Road Rollercoaster, and turning around in Laurier before heading home through Hawerlak was a complete hit and miss as per snot riding on all the singletrack.

The ride started with a turn-around on Skyline as it was 'Edmonton bike trail soup' in it's purest form. Right after I rode on Old Timers and things were good. Not fantastic, but rideable. The roots were slippery making things a bit more fun than expected. The challenge of slippery roots kind of gives me strange erotic bike boners and several times this morning I caught myself lying in the middle of the trail trying to spoon the sexy root formations laid out under me. It's a good thing I rode alone today.

The pace on this ride seemed to be quite slower than the last few rides as of late. Going from no riding, working nights and switching to days and riding everyday I'm sure has it's toll on me. The ride was a messy one but I'm proud to say I didn't leave any ruts as opposed to some trail walkers who left a very noticeable mark.

Another ride tomorrow ladies and gents? Why yes indeed fine sir!

becoming reacquainted with my fine lady who likes to keep secrets 
a potty break was had before a very busy groat road
these people can kindly suck a big bag of dicks

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