Thursday, May 7, 2015

Post Slop Ride

There is something about that river valley of mine that is too awesome. This morning that awesomeness was shining like a drag queen in the middle of a gay pride parade.

The blue sky brought out the colours and the smell of the blooming trees was almost too much to take. I almost had to pull over several times to get off the bike and weep like a little girl as I could not contain myself any longer. The valley today was truly the king shit of awesome.

The ride rom my old famed parking spot in Mill Creek took me to Capilano park all on paved trails. I stayed off the dirt in hopes that it will dry out faster and it seeing me stay off it will encourage it to dry off faster for this short stay in the real world. Or so I hoped.

The ride in a very slow valley all thanks to the masses being stuck at work featured a few dog walkers whom all stopped when I approached and watched me furiously as I passed by. A new creepy addition to my river valley visits. "Why do they suddenly stare like creepy pedophiles today" I blurted under my breath after the third set of dog walkers watched me pass by. I even got off and did a bike and clothing check to make sure everything was in order. I only came to the conclusion that given the new snow, bikes should not be out, but these people are all seasoned river valley folk? They see fat bikes daily in the Winter and I know it. So why all the staring today?

In the end I never cared too badly as the smell of the trees made me forget about everything.

Yes, Edmonton river valley. You ruled today.

the bridge crossings yesterday and today completely approved my purchase in a fat bike 

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