Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wet is Good

Waking up early for another ride attempt after not feeling well at all on the bike in the last couple of rides. One ride didn't even make it to production on the blog writing floor. That's how bad it was.

 When I looked outside and saw the rain I was instantly enamoured with the thoughts of riding in the rain and things being incredible. I'll say thankfully this has not happened at all this year. I say thankfully because when it is rainy in Edmonton, it is relentless.

I got out just as the rain ended but that was ok. The valley was incredible this morning. It is probably more incredible when it just rained as opposed to a nice warm morning. Well... That is debatable I guess. There really is nothing better than rolling across wet wooden bridges surrounded by rain soaked leaves where each breath brings a reborn freshness which captivates the lungs.

Riding in wet weather is awesome.

The ride took me from old school Mill Creek to the edge of Rundle Park. I decided I didn't want any part of the refinery fumes today so I returned home, albeit under power. There is just nothing in the legs right now.

Between that and the bike saddle issues which we will not discuss here. I sadly need a holiday.

ya, take that you stupid vegetarians!

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