Thursday, August 6, 2015


Don't mind the title. It was a great ride through Fort Saskatchewan this afternoon. After dealing with work issues in the morning I was off to Edmonton's finest to release some steam in a place that isn't to hard to ride in terms of hills. The technical side of it did beat the shit out of me. Yes, I can admit that. The first leg out I was having bad lines beat me up, one resulted in a wipeout which smashed my wrist up pretty good bringing me painful memories of last Summer.

Once on the outer edge of the loop everything came alive. Do I blame that gel pack I downed? Hmmm... The return to the Jeep was incredible. Some of the best riding I have had this year in terms of adrenaline.

The title of this one is well deserved as animal scat was everywhere. That combined with dead animals kept me on my toes at every blind corner. A dead mouse in the middle of the trail was quickly avoided twice. Another larger animal that you could smell before arriving was in one of the dips sometimes after passing by the bridge pilings. If scared about where it is and you are worried about running into it. Don't worry. It is barely off the trail and you will smell it beforehand.

Yep. Nasty.

Tempted to try the refurbished East side trails I had to return home due to family dinner commitments. Soon my pretties... Soon...

FT SK AUG from sherijumper on Vimeo.

oops... i blame the trees

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