Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dipping the Feet

After a long lapse in rides a proverbial 'Dip the feet in the water' ride was had after a long time without riding. This ride was short, extremely short but all the more incredible as the valley brought all the goods to the table with fallen leaves, wet loamy trails, and a sudden starting of a Fall presence.

As I said it was short, I barely made it out of Mill Creek as I had just woken up and had dinner commitments made with some good folks. The valley was incredibly busy. Albeit to a crazy nice day which brought out a lot of river valley noobs who were amazed to see a bike ride over some roots, or even better freaked the fuck out when I passed by even though I rang the bell incessantly when approaching.

The dipping the feet was awesome today, here's hoping for more if I can figure out how to handle the new schedule properly.

Here's to riding the bikes...

This is Getting Repetitive

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