Sunday, November 8, 2015

Early Morning Sleepride

Another weekend where my nights and days got mixed up and I woke up early on Sunday morning with my sleep schedule completely fucked up. I laid in bed for over an hour and a half and decided to go ride my bike even though it might be a bit dangerous.

But that's how I live my life.

On the edge.


You hear that ladies?

The ride started at Henrietta Louise Park and it was decided to stay on the paved and multi use given my condition. So off I went heading west on a cool November morning. It was around seven in the morning, and lights were not needed.

I criss crossed the river a couple times before hitting Groat Road bridge and turned around. Several breaks were had where I contemplated life and wondered why I brought my bike out on a day when I should be trying to sleep.

It had been a month since my last ride.

Oh yes, that's why I rode this morning.

here is hoping this went to the right person

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