Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Fat Bike Gods Strike

Another incredible November day with no snow. What more could one ask for on Remembrance day?   A day usually spent hiding under covers in the cold watching movies.

I started the ride thinking about how nice it is to not have to ride the fatbike just yet and have the nice trails all to myself. Albeit a bit sloppy and frozen they still delivered the goods for a short period. Don't get me wrong, I love the big fat ass Winter bike, it's just... You can't top the nice singletrack with roots and rocks making you think that much more before choosing a line.

After Gnome trail it would seem the fatback God's struck and threw a log into my derailler. I swear I saw lightening and heard thunder at the same time but I will leave that up to the conspiracy theorists.

The bike was rideable home and I limped back.

Well snow... Guess I'm ready.

a bad pic of a bad derailler, could this be the end of the summer bikes? 

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