Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gord's Trails

The last visit to the trails in Gord's area the snow conditions were a bit shitty. That combined with it being my first fat bike ride of the year, first bike ride in a month and not being able to maneuver well it wasn't the greatest experience. Still looking back it was all good. because bikes are awesome.

Today we met again for a ride in his infamous land and the tone was much better. That despite being sick whilst coughing up a lung resembling that of a 70 year old lifetime smoker on every climb. I'm sure Gord appreciated every hacking and spitting moment.

The trails were much better since last visited. That and my balls have grown as I didn't skimper on every bridge and creek crossing and walk them like a man afraid of the trail. We rode very bridge and sketchy trail crossing which did result in a rather spectacular wipeout which sadly was witnessed by nobody. A dark rubber mark from my shoe on the side of the 9 Zero 7 was the only tragedy of the crash which will get washed out soon.

The ride today had it's awesome out of the saddle "Gotta-Stand-Up-Cause-I-Have-A-Boner" moments as the Winter scenery combined with the trails made things all that more awesome.

We dipped into the off leash dog area close to Millwoods golf course and thing were quite incredible. I can't see this being a great Summer riding area but in the Winter it seems to shine. Heavily decorated snow trails with lot's of areas to make you think before thundering down are all there to keep one on their toes.

oh the humanity, a quick crash down the slope and an overturned bike which luckily could have been worse

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