Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day. Fort Saskatchewan

A last minute decision to head out to the glory land before more family events this evening. When I pulled into the parking lot I almost left and went back home. Dealing with a cold for the last week gave me a bad feeling about sucking in the cold air that was out there and coughing up a lung in the parking lot was a rather big red flag not to go.

Ladies: are you listening? I'm all man.

I rode anyways.

The ride, I'm sure was the slowest pace that I have ever set in Fort Saskatchewan. Did I give a jackshit about going so slow and possibly being passed by grandmothers walking their three legged dogs? Nope.

The pleasure of the snow crunching under my tires was the most satisfying sound I have heard next to Santa's sleigh bells on Christmas Eve as the fat bastard was leaving my house.

Tracks from many other fat bikes were tell tale signs that I wasn't the only one riding this Edmonton bike wonderland. the trails in fact were in glorious conditions.

The ride didn't end on the outside loop. Feeling fatigued and not wanting to push myself I turned around after one of many stops to enjoy the moment (below pic). Fort Saskatchewan was beyond special today as the quietness mixed with nature at every corner was a bit over the top.

The ride home was a bit of a disappointment as I decided to skip the hard trial after the boat launch heading North East. I rode the paved (now snow covered) trails all the way back which seemed endless. Forgetting about this route which was ridden before it takes you into cheesy, ugly residential houses which you ride like a chump for a bit and patiently wait for the paved trail to return.

Yes... I waited for the paved trail. In Fort Saskatchewan.

Don't ever take the paved route home. No matter how bad you feel.

turn around point, tail tucked i limped home

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