Friday, January 1, 2016

Beer New Years. Duclaw Brewing. Sweet Baby Jesus

It's New Years day. A day sadly for most to recover from the night before after drinking after making declarations on how to be a better person for the next year which last about two weeks to one month. As a former gym member I hated January with a passion as the gym was full of people clogging up machines. Good thing I had mountain bikes to get me in the valley and away from all the soccer Mom's and fully sleeved tribal tattooed guys fighting for a machine to share their sweat and germs with. So I could choose the gym, or riding in the cold dark awesome reaches of the river valley. I quit the gym and rode more in the Winter.

Bikes 1. Gyms 0

I love you mountain bike.

Now fat bikes seem to be making things all the better in the Winter.

Duclaw brewery who are located in Bel Air, Maryland. A town that looks to have a very Back to the Future type feel to it based on the Google images I looked at in the last ten seconds. That's what I got out of it as I looked furiously for something to talk about on here.

Me and the huge beer review staff are burnt out. Our declaration for two-sixteen. No more beer reviews after Sweet Baby Jesus.

The pour gave a very dark porter that had a one fingered head sent straight from God's secret beer cellar of awesome. It looked amazing, I pulled the glass up to my nose and took a whiff and was amassed quickly with multiple beer orgasm's as a strong sense of Christmas holiday flavour over enveloped my senses and I was knocked back into the far corner of the beer testing lab. Peanut butter brittle which took me back to my childhood was a strong sense I was getting. It was unreal. this here beer.

To think I haven't even tasted it yet.

The first taste gave me all it needed to. I was awash with flavour. Each time I closed my eyes whilst sipping I was in a field full of unicorns and overweight midgets all in a dance full of mystic beer tasting glory all in a trance dancing to the awesomeness of this one. Is this the best beer reviewed on lonebiker? I don't think much will ever come close.

A strong presence of chocolate and peanut brittle take over your senses as you sip this one slowly hoping it doesn't end. Each sip was magic, the aroma combined with the taste had me yelling profusely to nobody in particular yet the police showed up to see what was going on.

Lonebiker executives to police. "Yes... he's an idiot." As I was on the floor moaning and kicking my legs in the air with excitement "He just found a complete beer. Perhaps the most perfect beer. Just leave him alone. this is what happens when all the stars and planets line up and the perfect beer is born."

Sweet Baby Jesus. Find this one. No matter what it takes.

Beer reviews will continue all inspired from Duclaw brewing.

This beer gets 5 suds out of 5

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