Sunday, April 24, 2016

Aimless Wanderings in a Cold Wet Valley

After a night of wet snow and rain I opted to take the hardtail out with plans to stay off the singletrack. This was to be somewhat of a recovery ride after yesterdays somewhat long jaunt.

I was tempted in my head rolling up to parking at the log cabin to go far. Go very far as I knew riding paved and the occasional multi use adding up the kilometres is easy.  Once on the bike I knew this would be short.

I didn't even know where to go once on the bike. I went west towards the doomed walking bridge. Crossed and headed east on the other side of the river.

The ride was very uneventful. You know things aren't too exciting when you come up to a running race and that is the highlight of the ride. There were hundreds of them heading through Mackinnon ravine.

I dropped away from them into Laurier where the singletrack was wet but not super greasy. The trails would have been good today despite the greasy roots.

Well damn...

not a big fan of this idea, nope, get rid of this now

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