Saturday, April 23, 2016

Alone in the Cold Woods

If I had a computer that could control the weather just for bike rides I would put in todays weather for every single bike ride I get to luckily go on.

Today was just perfect. Cold weather kept the knuckle-draggers out of the valley. If only it was lightly snowing I think I would have just died right on the trail as my mind would not be able to handle the incredible awesome that was happening.

The ride started at my old Mill Creek hang out. The Rocky Mountain got it's first call of the year and I spun through the singletrack and shot out by the Queen and headed west. I got a bit nervous as my body started to shut down hoping for a day on the couch. My legs got shaky on Birdhouse trail and I quickly told my legs to go fuck themselves and rode up to mid Ewok.

Mid Ewok and the 'on your toes singletrack' was what woke them up and I was fine. Phew... Having to give up a ride in these conditions would have been a complete disaster. A disaster that would shake the very foundation of this here blog!

All the good stuff from Caddy shack to Risky Business was ridden. Sadly I seem to be having trouble on the steep power root climbs. Several one foot put downs were had followed quickly with  "learn to ride bitch" as I quickly yelled at myself. It didn't happen all too often but this is a rare new fear I am getting. Not trusting my wheels. This goes for both summer bikes.

Gold Digger was ridden for the first time this season and it placed me right into Cambodia as Gold Digger does so well (you sneaky little devil)  Cambodia seems to really be losing it's once cool out of the way of everything spooky personality as several trail runners were spotted today.

That awesome creepy Cambodia feeling quickly goes away very fast when a couple of mid fifty year old joggers pass by going the other way.


You used to be cool Cambodia.

I climbed out towards the Science Park wistfully hoping to see a train or ten but sadly was denied. I gave the finger to the quiet train tracks and rode Wally back to Cambodia and rode it back to Capilano via Gold Digger.

The decision was made to cross and head home via multi use and the Jasper Ave Traverse. Skyline took me to Blue Man which took me into Mill Creek where I headed home on a perfect day for riding.

new stuff in cambodia, my publicist said no to riding it just yet
this is what we call a 'fun ender'
this here is also what we call a 'fun ender'

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