Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Dropper Post Blues (The Jason Edition)

A ride from Old Timers cabin heading west was in store on another weekend warrior edition of lonebiker. Although this ride wasn't done alone as a meet up with Jason took place. This was in a way Jason's second ride of the morning. He had started from Mill Creek and was planning on a trip to the Cambodia area when he found out he could meet up and decided "why the hell not, why go hard and fast when you could go slow, lethargic and hear the famed lonebiker complain about his sore gooch."

Who wouldn't want that chance?

The ride stared in Dirty Mattress and soon we found ourselves on Old Timers Trail. That is where Jason's cable pulley for the dropper post blew up. Luckily his post is mechanical and we got the post back up so he could ride.

Little did I know that the dropper post was Jason's heroin when it came to riding.He drops that thing more than Miley Cyrus drops to her knees when she's around record executives.

By the time we rode Six Shooter he was done by the end and had to make tracks to the shop.

Now I was alone. Thank you dropper posts for truly sucking..

Wait a tic! I love being alone,I even have this blog about riding alone and everything!

This won't be so bad, although Jason is a pretty solid dude to ride bikes with so I was sad to see him go.

I finished off the ride by myself with a crossing at Hawerlak after an entertaining coffee break. In the span of fifteen minutes I witnessed:

An older Asian lady get chased by a dog, complete with flailing arms and screaming. It was awesome.

A mid forties guy in jeans, jean jacket, arm and elbow pads roller blading around the parking lot.

A small cement truck for kids complete with rolling mixer!

Whores. Yes they were there too. I didn't call Hawerlak, Whorealak  in the early days of the blog for nothing.

Definitely not my favorite Edmonton park but when it comes to people watching this one is number one in my heart.

Eventually I found myself home and safe after tackling MacKinnon's evil roots,Old Timers (again) and Skyline and the dirty hippies around the doomed walking bridge.

Good day.

locate jason's spring from his post and win 1000 lonebiker points

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