Saturday, May 28, 2016

Beer Saturday Afternoon, Rogue, Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

For the second Saturday in a row, Beer Friday is happening on a Saturday afternoon. This Saturday is the end result of a failed bike ride. A ride that had huge potential which was looking like it would be a bridge ride. A bridge ride themed for the wet trails of course! An overstuffed Camelback was ready for anything (except for what slayed the ride).

Unicorn socks were worn! I mean come on... How could this go off the rails?

Everything was set for epic!

The ride quickly had red flags as my front brake cable started rubbing on my spokes. No big deal, I'll just tighten the holder up a bit more... And nothing. A frantic search alongside the trail in Cameron Heights found nothing and immediately biking blue balls started settling in.

I knew I couldn't just go home fix the problem and return. The day was over. It was time to go home and do adult things in the yard.

Thankfully we had Rogue, Sriracha Hot Stout Beer in the fridge ready for just the kind of shitty afternoon this was turning into. The beer review team showed up and the ball was rolling on this unplanned review which was supposed to be an epic ride posting.

Rogue Brewery, a brewery that has been on here quite a bit now and I really don't want to go into the archives and count how many times like I did last week. I'm still a bit grumpy from the failed ride. Located in Newport, Oregon, judging from their website the folks at Rogue don't ever get grumpy at anything. These mofo's seem pretty cool.

Hot sauce has never been my thing so I will admit. I am a bit nervous going into this review. I had to get calmed down by a couple interns after they talked me out from under the crawl space in the basement when it was time to drink this.

Sriracha sauce is the pinnacle of hot sauce (sorry Frank's). you will find it in any good self respecting restaurant. Once I saw this bottle I knew it must happen. Fear of hot sauce or not. It was time to face my fears and man up. Funny as this is the last beer to be reviewed from the last shopping trip. That proves to you how much of a pussy I really am.

The pour was dark and angry as what a fine stout stout should be. Mixed that with tracings of Sriracha and I immediately left the review to go pick up some more lube for the bike. Sadly I was intercepted at the door by a lonebiker executive who told me the blog would be given over to the local trail jogger. Hence "The Lone Trail Jogger" would be born. I shuddered and threw up in my mouth at the thought and returned.

The pour really was quite nice and I was intrigued. The first sip gave me a nice tasting stout with tracings of hot peppers that start off very mild and after a few seconds make a small appearance. The bite is there but it is not uncomfortable by any means. Coming from one who hates spicy food that means a lot. Dark chocolate almonds help fill the rest of the palate. A definite winner if you love the spice.

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5 for spiced fans.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5 for the normal people.

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