Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mod Yard Detox. Part One

After a long stretch of work a return to the trails happened on another wet day which makes this one of the worst summers for riding singletrack I think ever.

Yesterday I had hoped things would be somewhat dry but at two this morning ominous non stop eerie thunder accompanied by heavy rain had made it's presence strongly and I knew this morning would be multi use and paved.

The return to the trails was not memorable by any means. Usually the first rides after not riding are quite special but this one could be best described with a capital MEH. I blame the non stop rain as the last rides have all been the same. Multi use and paved as the rest is shit.

Yes, it's riding and it's awesome but we need our singletrack back.

The ride started in Mill Creek and once I saw the condition of the multi use I just stuck to paved. I am sick of treating my poor bike like shit rolling through sandy, muddy, wet bullshit. I ended up rolling down river valley road where I climbed up and did a menage a trois of bridge crossings with the High Level, Dudley B Menzies, and doomed Walterdale.

In the end, it was meh but still much better than working for twenty five straight days. The detox will continue tomorrow.

this area.... wow

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