Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mod Yard Detox. Part Two

Afternoon storms yesterday again made havoc of the trails yet again forcing another paved and multi use ride. The ride in Kaskitayo to Terwillegar this morning was much akin of yesterday and was a bit on the meh side. It took a lot of effort and self motivation to get out the door.

Once rolling the good feelings slowly crept in. This is a ride that has happened all too often this year and it doesn't seem to be getting old. From the deadly climb out that makes you hate life on the north side of Whitemud ravine to the sweet and fast rolling Terwillegar multi use.

The clouds had a menacing grin on them today as if to say "that's right bitch, we are going to fuck up your shit some more." I looked down at the pavement and kept spinning my cranks ignoring natures bullies.

What will tomorrow bring? The motivation is going to have to be super big to get out again.

signs of people riding this, please stay off

Sore Legs and Pure Happiness

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