Monday, August 1, 2016

Clammy Day Tales

 Another shitty ass night full of rain brought on another multi use and paved ride. Only today I got to share the experience with Gord. He met up after riding from home and we started in Capilano. The trails are in a serious state of emergency as I would put it in the Lonebiker books. Heavy what looks like Winter riding fat bike ruts are in every downhill trail as the water rivered up and ran down during one of many heavy downpours we have had. Couldn't comment on the singletrack but from the entrances it looks quite sloppy.

It sucks out there.

Gord brought his cross bike making us look like the odd couple. A fine thing to ride in these times. Years like this makes me think of getting one but I still love riding the hardtail on the multi use and have no issue on the paved. Other than the loud obnoxious bottom bracket issues (I'm sure cause of all the rain) it has served well in these dank times.

The ride was the best of the weekend, finally hit the over 30km mark and not a lot of "meh's" were thrown out. The turn around point at the Talas dome was it's usual ceremonial self. Long shitty paved climbs were in the mix and Gord tried to lighten the mood by singing Metallica and getting yelled at by Edmonton police.

The ride took us close to Heritage days which reminded me why I don't go to Heritage days. Hundreds of people staggered about and around the sidewalks (and we weren't even close!)

The ride went solo once we were at Mill Creek, Gord took off and I threw the headphones in and rode the southside paved back to the Jeep.

rain, rain... go away
jasper ave traverse not as bad as once thought, the lower trails are untouched
more traverse for the masses, don't see the point of dumping the money here

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