Monday, October 24, 2016

6-6 Overtime Tie Ride

"I really wonder what it was like to ride in one of those double decker Strathcona County buses. Bet you would be a king sitting up top in the front on top with the world coming at you, kind of like what Superman would feel like if he was in one of those buses.."

These were the main thoughts I had in my head as I pulled into Old Timers to start a ride. This was not a good mindset to be in...

I like to blame the horrible yet ridiculous game I watched with my boys on centre stage the night before. Pretty much 4 quarters of bleh (much like todays ride) and then an amazing ending that ended up as bleh (unlike todays ride, it was all bleh).

The mindset was bad entering this one but quickly it went downhill even worse once I entered Dirty Mattress and the trails were quickly all pure crap. Hearing reports of good conditions I was happy to take the Altitude out again to ride some good stuff.

In my head I was picturing fall picturesque riding. Not sloppy corners with bullshit mud puddles and mud lakes flicking toonie sized pieces of shit wet half frozen dirt to stick to your bike. I'm done with washing that stuff off all my bikes. Give me snow, or dry up.

Time for a cross bike maybe?

even the multi use said "go fuck yourself."
jeeves, take me home, i need a respite from the muddy madness

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