Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Roll Through the Snow

Not a lot of words written down here for this one kids...

A full brethren meet-up at Mill Creek for a good roll on the south side of the river, because to hell with the north side, that's why. A day full of singletrack that was for the most part all in good condition. Iced sections flat and off cambered were there to remind you it was Winter.

Mid Ewok was ridden and all the good stuff on the way to Capilano. Jason was losing screws from his tires as we rode on but had a patch kit with him to help facilitate in saving the day. That was until he ran out mid-way heading home on Andre's.

The day ended with three of us after sliding down Dirty Mattress as it was almost all pure ice. We high fived at the bottom cause our body parts were still intact and hit West Coast, Blue Man and then home.

*bottom pic of banners, photo credit. Gord Brenner

photo credit. gord brenner
photo credit. jason kirkpatrick

photo credit. gord brenner

photo credit. kent steeves

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