Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cold Face, Cold Legs, Iced Trails

After doing a text out to brethren members about where to start riding this morning Jason and Kent had the same plan I had in my head as to where to go. Which was the west side, including Terwillegar. Not a bad plan and given the sure iced conditions it would most likely be the best area to ride.

That was when Gord's text came through and he gave me a place I never visit. Hermitage Park.

Bingo! I perked up like Bob Barker would when you showed him your neutered dogs missing testicles.

Right then I knew where I was going, this could be either a multi use and paved ride or combination of that and Cambodia.

I barely even rode any singletrack after seeing the amount of ice under the paved trails hidden behind a fresh layer of snow ultimately waiting to wreck someones day out in the valley.

A bit lame I know...

The singletrack I tested told me it was a surefire disaster if I did ride the trails, although as I rode through Capilano park fat tire tracks lead to the trails, one set even lead straight into Andre's trail. 'That guy is an animal! A man or woman amongst men and women' I thought those exact words.

The ride took me to Dawson bridge where I crossed and took my second warm up break in Dawson Park after my face and legs had frozen for the second time today. After a ride up to Ada boulevard and back into Rundle where warm up break number three happened and than I scurried back home.

Definitely not a memorable ride, but I still sit here happy and satisfied.

when the theme of the day is this... bring headphones
warming up amongst the skaters hoping they don't ask questions about my bike. again... bring headphones

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