Saturday, February 18, 2017

Moving Through Millwoods

On a rather crappy night with stinging flurries and cool weather it made one think that Winter maybe trying to make some sort of a comeback. Maybe...? Oh who are we kidding. It's going to be March soon so the thought of any real good shots of Winter could very well be something we are looking at in the rearview mirror. Oh whats that? We will get a big shot of snow between now and May? How long will that last? Three days to a week.

Winter is dead and I pray to the Winter bike God's that I'm wrong. I need more fat bike time in.

Gord's place was the start of this and it was just what the Dr ordered. A quick seventeen kilometer spin through paved trails in the dark winding our way in behind houses. Peering in through the open draped windows as we passed by like stealth's in the night.

Well... Stealths with loud brakes and bright lights that is.

The flurries coming down stung my eyes as I had no glasses due to lens issues. Gord on the other hand couldn't see well as the wetness marred his vision. So either way. Tonight was a bad day for vision. A good thing we were riding paved trails and not technical singletrack as we would have ended up in the emergency room of the Grey Nuns as opposed to just riding by.

Great ride. Not end of year top five worthy by any means but a great way to spend a Saturday night off the couch.

no fat bike today, the vertex and the stumpjumper got off the bench for tonight

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