Monday, February 27, 2017

One More Roll Through the Snow Before I Go

 Well kids the riding will now come to a stop for a couple weeks as yet another new adventure (work adventure that is) will start tomorrow.

Fort McMurray came calling and I took the bait. This time will be much better and more secure than last. A two week on and two week off rotation will ensure lots of bike rides when home. Hence the blog will still be busy.

I have a few beer reviews done up for this first rotation. So between those and other minor posts this here blog will not die every two weeks. I will do beer reviews when home and post up when I'm away.

It's quite genius really...

*pushes himself away from desk. Pats back.

So please hold back your tears, I can tell that you are all real upset right now. Things on here won't change.

As far as the ride today went. It was a shorter one from Emily Murphy to Shiny Balls and back. I'll let Strava tell the story.

The trails were all decent, although a few slip ups on Six Shooter to remind me of my mortality happened. For the most part things are all rideable now. So if you put away your Winter bike it's time to take them back out and get off the damn internet riding in your basement (you know who you are!)

Riding outside is where we are meant to be.

what will this valley look like in two weeks? 

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