Friday, March 17, 2017

Half & Half

A ride in where the proper pre-ride nutrition did not take place resulting in a less than ready body for slushy, icy, ass puckering trails.

Hey I don't blame Mrs Lonebiker for trying as she prepped a bunch of spaghetti sauce in my return from the north in order to be ready for riding it's just.... I have had enough spaghetti in my lifetime and my body just doesn't like it as fuel anymore.

So today once out of Mill Creek I headed east down Bird House and up into Mid Ewok where I crossed Dawson and climbed into the city.

So the ride was half trail and half city, hence the name of this one.

I really don't have much to say about this one as I am dead tired, so maybe I'll just post up the Strava track.

As for trail conditions if you happen to come on here seeing what it's like out on the trails. If you do that, please don't.

I wouldn't trust my judgement.

It was as of 9 this morning crusted and very icy on the singletrack. As the day passes things change so if you are heading out be prepared for a lot of bullshit trails out there.

Still fun as hell though.


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