Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Torn, Tattered, Beaten. The Return to the Valley

After a succesful first trip up north our hero made a triumphant return to the glorious valley. Wait a minute... did I say succesful? well, the job is fine but I came home with a few medical problems such as things stuck in my foot that cannot be removed. Things stuck in my eye (or is it pink eye?). Also the fine tuned ending of a bad cold that plagued some long nights working hard on mining equipment in a smoky environment. Suffice to say, it was brutal. Oddly enough I came home wishing for more and the clock is counting down in anticipation waiting for my return up north.

Obviously the priority is riding today. With a possible eye patch coming it was only smart to ride now and wait for Mrs Lonebiker to take me to the clinic once she is off work.

That top couple paragraphs was written before leaving for the clinic. I'm back and just had stuff removed from my eye and foot. Needless to say. It was good times. Real good times.

The ride started in Terwillegar and I was a bit ill prepared. My GPS was at home resorting me to use my phone for that all important Strava tracking. No warm headwear was brought either but the warm weather made that a non issue so in the end there was no excuse.

I quickly left Terwillegar and was soon on Flat Pete. Sugary snow made things dicy and once you were even close to being off the hard packed it would pull you in like a junkie going back to the smack after a two day absence. It was a bit brutal. I crossed the sexy Fort Edmonton bridge and was soon staring straight at shiny balls with tears of joy rolling down the cheeks "oh how I've missed thee" I bellowed to them as cars shot past by on the Whitemud.

Laurier singletrack was skipped as a large group of dog walkers were loitering by the entrance. I crossed again and was in Hawerlak and made tracks for home with thoughts of Organ Donor racing through my mind. I rode up and was shut down as very minimal traffic was shown. Not even one bike track made it's way in, for shame.

I guess I am no better but in my defence. I'm a little fucked up right now. Fort McMurray made me it's bitch and I succumbed.

The ride ended with a return through Flat Pete yet again. In the end I was happy. I was satisfied. I was home.

potty break on a very snowy unbroken trail
the entrance to organ donor, i said nope and made my way home

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