Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shit Bike Rumblings

First ride since coming back and the conditions down in the valley are just what I thought they would be. Brown, muddy, and full of sandy pebbles (on the paved that is.) The shit bike was chosen for this one as expectations were low given the weather that has rolled through the Edmonton area as of late. The ride was met with a bit of angst. Mrs Lonebiker had surgery the day before and was home recovering. She insisted I ride but it was hard to get out.

From the start at shopping cart alley to the first big descent into Whitemud ravine followed by that horrendous climb out. Oh you know that climb. That what seems like 70% grade which goes around the corner to climb on top of the berm. The end berm climb looks harmless but once the initial climb is done and you come around the corner it is there quite simply to fuck up your shit.

Terwillegar's multi use was ridden and I hung my head in shame as I rode by the singletrack entrances only to see rutty tracks leading into them. Why guys are riding these muddy trails baffles me.

If this is you. Please stop. I'll forgive you.

But if you keep riding them.... Oh boy.

It was definitey not one to remember today. The shitbike was being ultra shitty. Bad sounds eminated from the drivetrain which reminded me of a shackled demon in a cold dark basement scraping its chains on the concrete floor.

Yes creepy, but thats what I got out of it. Hence earbuds were pushed deep in.

A ride through town ended the fun. I needed to get home to tend to Mrs Lonebiker.

these people are monsters

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