Friday, May 12, 2017

Allergies and Worn Out Tires Compliment a Fine Short Ride

A ride I'd hope would go over ten kilometres did succeed that on one of the worst allergy suffering festivals in most recent years. Why do other years I feel nothing with no medicine and this year I am lambasted with everything that is horrible with the allergy bug?

I rode today like a trooper. Head held high. Arms outstretched. Ready for anything.

I rode and suffered yet enjoyed the ride despite the bullshit of allergy season trying hard to kick my ass. It kicked hard, I wheezed on climbs. Was politely asked by  couple passers by if I was all right (if that's you bless reading this, bless your soul.) My chest at times felt like it was going to jump out of my ribcage. Yay... Good times.

To end it, it was a fine ride considering the bullshit.

Short and sweet.

See, things are getting better than Wednesday.

the pussification of society continues...


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