Monday, May 15, 2017

The Case Gets Stronger for a Cross Bike

I should by now just have a Lonebiker default shitty weather post that I should put up whenever the trails are not rideable due to rain or lack of snow, or warm Winter weather. Those three things have been persistent problems the last few years and well quite frankly. I've had enough dog gonnit!

I could complain about the weather on the default post and say things I have said a lot over the years like:

*Don't mean to be a bitch but I'm really getting sick of the rain.
*I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, I should have stayed in bed but decided to go anyways.
*This warm Winter weather is absolute bullshit.
*If I hear one more person say how nice this warm Winter weather is, I'm gonna throat punch him.
*If I see one more person riding and wrecking the muddy singletrack, I'm gonna throat punch him.
*My poor bikes are getting killed in this shit, I'm gonna throat punch somebody.

As you can see the default shit weather posts can be interchangeable according to whatever shit weather is taking place. On to today's ride...

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, I should have stayed in bed but decided to go anyways. Today the Altitude (the only functioning bike currently) was ridden from Mill Creek to Groat bridge where a crossing took place and I soon found myself on High Level after riding up into town because the trails were absolute snot. I was a good boy and stayed off but did ride the multi use whenever an opportunity arose.

With all the issues that need to be addressed for the current bike quiver a new bike would be warranted from a lottery win. But a cross bike of some sort would be just killer for these kind of trail issues. Absolute killer..

*sigh... shuts eyes, daydreams about the idea. Falls asleep and dreams of garden gnomes attacking his pet frog with broken beer review bottles.

In the end, I guess were not always thinking bikes. Maybe that's the issue.

new singletrack in mill creek? say it ain't so! come on you. dry up!

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