Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Das Endes Des Spaßes

A rather very unwelcome return to the riding on a day that should have had rewards of riding orgasms and unforeseen confetti falling from the air.

Falling three kilometres short of Lonebikers minimum eight which equals a non post. We are posting anyways as the riding content has been rather lacking. Driving into the trailhead today it would seem that Summer had made its return in a big way. Thinking as to when I left and mounds of fresh wet snow had discommoded everything, this was a nice respite from the wet white goo that had made it's presence in a rather large way.

When I pulled into the Hawerlak trailhead:

People were mowing the grass.
Runners in shorts were everywhere.
Large baby geese chased after their mothers.
Signs from a fresh rain was evident.
The smell of fresh grass being mowed was heavy in the air.

Meanwhile in my head, the thought process...

'I'm so tired, should I just go home and sleep?'
'Allergies are bad, this is not gonna be good.'
'Sad... I don't feel like riding right now.'
'What did you just think!?'
'Whats that thing on my gooch? That's new.'
'Just go, your here, ride your bike bitch.'

And so I went...

Not far into this one at all I knew I was done. The allergies were the biggest spoiler and things were blooming in the allergy department quite strongly. I had nothing to give to the bike. It was sadly the first dry singletrack of the year and I could not care less. I didn't eveen make it out past the island below End of the World and I turned around.


Things will get better. They only could.

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

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