Monday, June 12, 2017

Suddenly Singletrack

A ride that I thought was going to be much like yesterday with the singletrack avoided and multi use and city exploring being the deal of the day things turned out just a little bit better. The ride from old school MillCreek I had a dip into the trails just to see what things were like.

The trail dip, a fun quick little off chute from the paved connecting the multi use at the bottom is quite rooty, steep and fun as hell.  It was also quite dry making me wonder what else is good despite the rain we had this last weekend. I rode the lower singletrack of MillCreek with no puddles or greasy mud. I climbed up wanting to take Blue Man group up to the top but could not find the entrance. Ironically It turns out I rode right past the new entrance at the bottom and only realized it at the end of the day when I came sailing down. Ha ha ha... How silly.

The day was pretty much perfect, a strong contender for ride of the year.

Monday afternoon while all the chumps were working had the trails peaceful and quiet. I could not imagine the trail traffic around seven in the evening with all the club rides and such. Remembering when working at home and riding in the evening and waiting for the groups to pass through. Once you get going... Another one would show up. And politely off to the side of the trail you would go to let them all pass.

Although, everyone is still out riding while I am up slaving away in God's country. So in the end, all those club and evening riders win.

As I said, one of the best of the year. MillCreek to Hawerlak via Laurier. A couple entrances where I turned around from what looked like a potential mud disaster but everything else was prime. 

From Hawerlak I took the multi use to the top and descended down Six Shooter. Eventually finding my way to Millcreek via Blue Man and I took the high singletrack towards home.

the paved trail above skyline is now closed, stay off skyline, she's gonna fall in the river

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