Thursday, August 31, 2017

Edmonton Has a Secret Beach?

A ride from Old Timers through some of Edmonton's finest trails where I realized I didn't have my wallet on me and panicked a bit. A text that came up negative from my daughters made me head back to the Jeep and check.  A quick phone call and I knew where it was so I could relax and I was off again.

I went east on the low trails riding through Bird House Trail first after reading about all the increased foot traffic since the local news twits with plastic hair put it out there and it then made its rounds to social media and now we have.. Well...

Pure madness.

I read about the warnings of heavy amounts of people all seeming lost and confused wandering the trails bewildered as to where this beach is. This morning things should have been quiet but there were people anyways. I was nice but could only imagine how bad it would be on a sunny Saturday.

That right there sent daydreams of me opening up the dam upstream. Laughing maniacally as I released the water. 'Hey asshole! Theres kids and families on that beach! Kenneth! No!'

Oh shit, your right.

Man I'm glad when my subconscious voice kicks in. I could have looked like a real asshole.

The bad thing about this is with this bridge construction, it will be hard to avoid the bullshit when heading east from anywhere past Mill Creek. Bird House will be ridden and I will get grumpy and say the wrong thing once someone gives me attitude for riding a mountain bike on a designated mountain bike trail.

Kids... I will not be very nice.

Anyways, that's enough of the grumpiness for the second straight day. The ride ended after lower and mid Ewok and a roll through Mill Creek.

I just don't understand people. That little stretch of land was there forever and now social media got ahold of it and destroyed the area.

Lets hope this fad ends soon and things return to normal down there.

the sheep herding mentality of people completely fascinates me

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