Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Pussification Trail Saboteurs Strike Again

What a great way to ruin the first ride back from the north. A ride started in Kinseman where quickly inside one of my favourite short little singletrack sections going back years ago was ruined by people who don't know how to properly ride mountain bikes.

oh no a root! cut it out and close the trail in the interim! 
The section heading west from Kinseman has the entrance right after the multi use climb up. It was a short little singletrack section that had a challenging ass puckering section, especially when going the other way trying to climb it. The trail connects to 'Along the Fence' trail close to the U of A. A bridge was built recently connecting the two and I can only assume the ones responsible for the bridge are responsible for the utter bullshit they left behind.

It was once a fun challenging trail that now my wife can probably ride. Ladies, Gents, I don't want her riding with me! Not a sexist thing in any matter, she just never rode bikes so please don't be offended.

This has happened in Terwillegar-Firemans, mackinnon-Backbreaker (why do they still call it backbreaker?)  Terwillegar- Go Trail and countless other trails where some no talent riding douchebag decided to fuck with the trail to make it easy for him or her.

Newsflash to loser doing this:

Mountain biking is hard.

Mountain biking is supposed to be hard.

That's why it is awesome.

There are other disciplines of riding one can take if they don't like riding on trails and are scared they will fall and possibly get a scratch. Just be forewarned. Any sort of bicycle riding can cause injury.

I fear the day these ballsless knuckle draggers discover Selkirk or make a trip to Fort Saskatchewan.

In the end, it took me a long time to calm down from what I saw to start the ride.

Seriously, let's stop this trail killing madness.

Prelude Link to this post. Please have a look.

whoever did this. if reading, please stick your head into a car door and slam repeatedly until the ringing stops

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