Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sans Electronics Ride

A rough day where spontaneous naps occurred and just getting my shit together was an extreme endeavour. Night shift for fourteen straight continuous nights can be brutal on a person. A forced ride again where once I arrived at Old Timers I realized I didn't have my phone or GPS. So nothing to record the ride and prove to the world that I rode a bike today. It's quite sad because I feel that is what sites like Strava and Garmin are to people. Proof that they ride. With links to post on Facebook or Twitter only makes it a bit more brandish. Whatever happened to just riding a bike?

"Oh hey Lonebiker. Don't you post every ride that you go on with pictures and the occasional Strava mapping of said ride? You also talk about it in lavish detail about how awesome it was you pompous douchebag!"

Well shit... You got me.

The ride from Old Timer into the singletrack of Dirty Mattress and Old Timers was a true delight to start the late afternoon off. My legs quickly gave in and I ended up downtown and it was now one of 'those' types of rides.

Tired and a bit lethargic from sleeping almost all day I took in the sites and realized how much I missed coming up and riding around here. All the bike lanes are open and they are quite spectacular. It will be interesting too see how they are handled in the winter.

The usual sketchy people factor was up high, a couple overly friendly ladies invited me over to their bench and I rode away, tail tucked. I ended up by Rogers Place (yes, yet again) and noticed a lot of activity. Normal people outnumbered the strange ones but the strange ones made me wonder who was playing. My guess is it was something a bit terrible.  With no phone I couldn't check who it was.

Wait.... Hold on a second. I have the internet right here. I'm gonna guess Nicky Manage or some sort of Kardashian douche tour.

Lady Ga Ga. Ha! I was so close!

My apologies if you were there or just like her. It's just... Well never mind.

After Rogers, I hightailed it back to the High Level and rode Saskatchewan Drive back to safety.

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