Monday, October 30, 2017

Crashing at 40 Hurts

'Owned on Masters Degree' is maybe what this one should have been called. A crash riding it reverse right before a tight bridged switchback where the bike rolled down the hill and I was up withering in pain. The second crash on these set of rides where I had to walk it off or sit like a little bitch and contemplate life.

Thoughts of maybe getting into bowling ran through my head. "How about curling? Might slip on the ice, yep bad idea... Bowling it is!" I thought loudly as my wrist throbbed after taking a direct hit on a hard and fast fall trying to negotiate a steep rooted climb where I fucked it up.

The rest of Masters was quite sad. We are not going to discuss that part of the trip today.

The highlight was riding Groat Road Rollercoaster again after a long absence. Or do people call it 'Lovers Lane' now? Why are they changing the names of these trails all the time? It's quite maddening, Groat Road Rollercoaster was very fitting. Now it's just... Ugh.

As for the trail. Quite incredible. I heard that some good folks did some work and added an extension and it is now twice as fun as it was. That would be going both ways now instead of just down. Let's go back to the name change...

If the ones doing the work changed the name than I stand by them 100% and they could call it whatever they want. They could call it 'Lonebiker is a Douchetard Trail' and I would not mind. If some douchebag like myself or similar is behind the name changes than please piss off.

The rest of the ride was fine, other than Masters Degree that is. I was truly humbled and tried thinking of a long list of excuses soon afterwards.

The dark came fast and I had to call it a day as I was lightless.

good bye old girl...  

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