Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Red Eyed in the Land of the Refineries

A perfect spot to open up the riding on this set home.  Why didn't I think of this before? Fort Saskatchewan is challenging but easy.

Challenging in a technical sense.

Easy in an aerobic sense.

Think anyone who rides there can agree with me. If not, please send me angry emails. I fuckin love angry emails...

The drive out showed lots of water on the roads on a very heavily overcast day accompanied by slight snow flurries and very heavy wind. I almost detoured to the Science Park ready to ride multi use and paved but pressed on. I arrived with one red bloodshot eye. The result of an unfortunate incident from up north which I wish was a cool story but sadly it's me. Lets just say be careful putting on glasses.

The weather was absolute perfection as the trail network had zero people on it. No people on the trails makes me quite happy. I giggled the whole time inundated with serial killer thoughts of 'Well, if I run into anyone down here it's their fault what happens.'

Did I just admit possible murder on this here blog? I wouldn't dare kids. I love people. Honest.

The ride was very typical of the first ride back. Poorly chosen lines accompanied by being in the wrong toothed gear on the short power climbs which resulted in walking up and around some of the technical features. Did I care? Nope. You see kids I was riding my bike and life was complete. Today was all about getting out of the institutionalized mind that comes after two weeks in camp.

The trails were wet but not unrideable. Some sections were dry and some had small puddles and slick butt tightening corners where my front wheel slid out at times when I got cocky. A crash caused from a tree set my guard up high for the return ride home. My knee took the brunt of the fall and it took a few minutes to walk off. Afterwards I rode like a chicken shit back. Not trusting anything I came across.

Things should get better.

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