Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Years Knuckleheads

The above picture happened twice in the last week. The bike made it into the Winter bike transport vehicle. Or M.F.W.B.T.V as I like to call it, once the cold set in and I stood their in my unicorn rainbow comfort slippers staring at it I just lost all hope.

It's sad, I've never been like this, the weather is winning and I'm not happy. I mean, come on man, look at the condensation from my muffler in that pic. I sucked hard these two weeks but I was expecting this as the Christmas season was rolling through Lonebiker land. The cold just made things all that much more shitty.

The good news is the year end top rides and beer lists are done. That and three beer reviews. They will be posted when up.

It's travel night for me. Have a good Two-Eighteen.

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