Monday, January 22, 2018

The Joby Chase!

What was supposed to be a very relaxed and easy ride turned into a bit of a panic after taking the top picture and leaving my Joby Gorilla Pod (portable tripod) on the trail. Luckily I returned and it was still there. A planned short ride from Mill Creek to halfway on the lower Ewok trail where I took the below picture and realized it was missing.

Holy shit. This has got to be the most boring ride write up that I have ever done. You wanna hear how I had a dream that my dentist retired last night? Would that be better?

Sorry... I'll do better next time.

On a side note, I added photo credit to yesterday's ride. The best pic on there was of course not me.

this is where i found it, so anyways, my dentist retired and it came as a shock cause i wanted to have a check up.
shall i go on? it was a minor inconvenience as i would have to google a new dentist. what are you guys even more
bored? go fuck yourselves, were allowed to have duds on here ok
* Update. I added an exclamation point to the title to spruce it up. I think this post is much better now.

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