Sunday, January 7, 2018

Top 5 Rides of 2017

Here we go, the annual dumping of the best rides from the last year. Get a big bowl of popcorn ready and maybe a martini.

#5. Into the Dark

A late season ride from daylight to nighttime. Great conditions and weather with hardly any write up.

Fort Saskatchewan and a nice hardtail. Reason enough to not ride a full suspension ever again. 

Meeting Kent's fine lady, an evening spent playing around town as the trails were too wet. This one took me back to the days of riding around the neighbourhood with friends and it was a damn good time. Kent seems to have that vibe when we get together. Sadly though, he cut his hair otherwise this would have been number one.

Best part of my job is being home and riding during the week while all the Monday to Friday suckers are stuck in their cubicles. Probably the last best ride on the Rocky Mountain. 

Again, middle of the day on a Monday. Nobody around. An expected wet roll on multi use and pave turned into a singletrack excursion. 

Fort Saskatchewan Fantastic

A fairly unreal ride where most of the good stuff was ridden before the heavens opened up from above with a bit of fury. It was just rain th...