Saturday, March 17, 2018

Snow Day Fascination

Another roll before everything starts melting and turns to complete garbage. Today fresh wet snow was falling adding to the nostalgic awesome that is the river valley. I mean... Could it get any better down there? Right from day one when I had my steel hard tailed Rocky Mountain Altitude I was obsessed with the valley.

Today was a bit of a continuation from yesterdays trip. Not before a hard wipe out on EMP blast. You know.. Someone should really make that trail safer. Bah ha ha ha! I kill me.

Yesterday I had wanted to head up in deep east Laurier and climb out and ride Mackinnon but my legs said no. Today, from Kinseman to Hawerlak I crossed and rode that bitch. The legs screamed from yesterday but I pressed on. The Mackinnon singletrack was ridden and that is where the ride high hit. Everything was cleared which added to the high.

Guys.. Have I ever mentioned how riding singletrack is akin to smoking crack or shooting heroin?

Don't look at me like that. Cause it is, and you know it.

Fuckin ridin bikes. It's the best.

I rode up well, pushed my bike up the museum hill not cause of the legs but cause of mud on an exposed part of the river valley. We are going to get lots of that now so please do the right thing and not ride the muddy trails. Especially on a fat bike. That's just dumb you fools!

The Groat Road Rollercoaster or whatever it is called now was ridden in reverse for the first time in my life. With that new addition it was quiet awesome and that will not be the last time it is ridden that direction.

Naturally a visit to my old flame Victoria happened and I was again in awe. It is amazing how you can drop into areas of the river valley and find yourself in a Narnia like state. It's hard to explain if you have never been there. I think it's time to rekindle an old romance with Victoria's Secret. She was simply amazing today.

this is why monday-friday morning/ afternoon rides are so much better

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