Monday, April 30, 2018

Another Staff College Start (Eye roll)

Been a short stint of days off and readership numbers have been unreal. Thanks kids. It was down last work stint and  I'm sure it will be down again for the next three weeks as I will do nothing but post music videos and the occasional bike video. No beer reviews have been pre-written so it will be dry. I notice that you notice and apologies as I volunteered for this overtime so it's all on me.

Tomorrow will be the last ride hopefully with longtime brethren member Jason. On my end it will be short but just a last kick at the cat.

Today, yet another start at the Staff College. A spot that is starting to be my new Mill Creek ravine old school spot. Although you do miss the chance at Mustang and the climb up, plus the thrill of the Cameron Heights paved is an exhilarating adventure, that there will kill this newfound spot of starting bike rides possibly.

But it's just a rumour. Don't listen to that shit kids.

Incredible riding today where I thought I would have the valley all to myself. I laughed menacingly to myself in the Jeep mirror the whole drive down as I was that enthused about being alone down there today.

Not quite the case.. Looks like the schools had a day off. Not sure what was going on as kids and adults helped fill the trails making a very quiet Monday look like a slow Saturday. It was all good as everyone's moods were high up given the conditions and the weather.

I skipped the crossing into Oliskew and rode Firemans backwards because I'm a stupid fucker. Once up top I rode the streets right into the mouth of Selkirk Knights. The Moots and the new tires handled everything incredibly well and my love and admiration for this trail went up a good solid ten points today. My favourite trail in Edmonton? Starting to think about raising that banner.

I did screw it all up as I hit a pussified section to avoid a hard climb and quickly found myself away from the hard techy singletrack. quickly kids and moms with strollers on a multi use path serving the John Jantzen Nature Centre infiltrated the area and I knew I mad a big mistake. I could have turned back but me and Kent rode up the hard way yesterday so in a weird way I found it justified.

I should have turned around.

Fort Edmonton multi use and Flat Pete took me back to Terwillegar where back in the trees it was an out of body experience. Unreal riding in the singletrack on an unreal bike took me back to the Jeep.

Happiness level. Through the roof.

* Lots of errors on yesterdays ride via my dumb mac computer that is supposed to help but just makes me look dumb. Think I got most of them but another post is going down creating a segway for a whole bunch of more autocorrects.

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