Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pre Rain Scramble?

Reports of rain coming on a day I was going to take the day off to do some good old fashioned boring old man stuff turned into a bike ride. Win win is all I can say about forgetting about doing chores for the freedom of riding a bike.

The ride from the Staff College area into Go trail and then Flat Pete is turning into a regular theme. Is this the new Old school Mill Creek parking spot? Doubtful about that one but it's a pretty good starting spot as you are on singletrack in less than two hundred meters.

The weather was perfect and cool making the experience all that much better. The Monday to Friday chumps were at work making the trails free and clear for this chump riding them.

Really nothing exciting to report. Some rain from I'm assuming the previous night had left some puddles in certain areas but other than that the trails were tacky and sexy. Like a bride on her wedding night. Ken... What the actual fuck!?

Selkirk Knights did me in sadly. The relentless climbs finally killed my legs. I tried to stay positive on the way back telling myself how I worked too much which killed my stamina. I'll use that as an excuse for the time being.

Whatever. Don't care. Riding is still top notch.

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