Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Altitude Let Me Down... Again

The ride today was supposed to be a gooder by any means necessary. Than at approximately the 3.84km mark my pedals spun and there was nothing. On a trail I really needed some forward momentum in areas (Machete) it never happened and I fell hard cause of it. Same thing happened in Fort Saskatchewan. I thought it was just the gunk collecting up.

Nope.. Guess not.

Here is a bit from the ride I wrote while I was able and not walking, riding down hills...

'The ride up six shooter was somewhat of a challenge. 4.5 rest breaks and a stop for a potty break marred the trip up. Well I guess it would have been marred it if I cared and was in a hurry.

The trails looked wet but were fine. A look outside this morning bred panic and after much deliberation with executives and brethren members it was decided to take the trail bike and smash some trails.'

Not sure why the text is so big. Anyways... A ride up Six Shooter and than Machete and it was over. Something to do with the freewheel I'm guessing. Funny how the expensive wheels I have bought over the years have never had problems... 

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