Thursday, November 22, 2018

La Glace, La Plenty

A return to the valley on the start of days off where I almost called the ride once I entered Mill Creek ravine rolling on the sheets of ice that enveloped the paved trails. This was very typical as of late for the region as Winter is being a shy little bitch and doesn't want to show it's beautiful white puffy face.

I pressed on mainly on the paved and ended up downtown where Grey Cup festivities were happening.... Wait a minute? 'We are hosting the Grey Cup this weekend?' I thought to myself... This is living proof of how out of touch I am with Canadian football. Sorry no pics of the zip line or anything.,.. I just didn't care to get a picture to be honest.

Maybe tomorrow?

How about no.

I did make it back to the valley after getting eyed by annoying security guards in the area. The trails which few were ridden were a torrent of ice, wet snow, water, and pock marks of footprints frozen into the trail. A slightly fractured rib which I thought wasn't fractured showed itself on the climbs with the heavy breathing making things a tad uncomfortable.

I'll be honest. The conditions are pure shit right now. Here is hoping we actually get an actual Winter one day.

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