Saturday, January 19, 2019

Slow and Cold

The Two thousand and nineteen ride season got off to a start finally on a rather short and pathetic ride in the Old Timers area. The motivation to ride right now is at an all time low and getting out was a miracle in itself. Listening to Joe Rogan interview a motivational speaker ex U.S Navy Seal should have been enough cannon fodder to get me out in the cold but I sat in the parking lot coming up with a myriad of excuses to just go home.

Luckily I have Instagram and I typed in "fitness motivation" on the search bar and soon I was overwhelmed with douchebag, drugged up millenials at the gym posting ass shots in front of the mirror.

That was all the motivation I needed to ride today and I was soon on my bike ripping those trails! Thanks to all the fitness motivation posters of Instagram. You really are changing the world.

Trails are fine. Some slick spots which catch you by surprise but nothing too sketchy. Fresh snow was de-virginized by my big tires which was the highlight of the day. The bike was top notch after I successfully bled my brakes after a few pathetically failed attempts.

The ride was under the Lonebiker 8km minimum but seeing the lack of activity on here, I had too. Besides, there is nothing like breaking fresh snow on a fatbike kids!

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