Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Top 5 Rides of Eighteen

#5 Fort Saskatchewan in the Fall, bitches

A long awaited meet up with Gord which had the Gord factor push this into the top 5. Conditions were ok. A little slick in spots, otherwise it was good to go. I got lucky with some good pics and we got lucky with some good old Ft Sask singletrack.

#4 Singlecrack is life

Referencing heavy drug use with riding bikes could not make me any happier. This one brought on that drug feeling which almost forced me into just staying in the valley and living there. I didn't, I went home.

#3  Another Staff College Start (eye roll)

Ahhhh...The Staff College starts. A two-eighteen phenomenon? Possibly now with Cameron Heights having a trail so you can avoid the paved. This one was one of those spring is here, break out the nice bikes rides. The only ride fail? A bad turn on Selkirk and suddenly I was surrounded by strollers and angry moms.

#2 fat Tire Redemption

Its cause of days like this I will never sell my fat bike.Choppy loose snow made it challenging for sure but I knew I would be nowhere near I was on a normal bike. A visit to my old lady Victoria was a must and fireworks were ignited.

#1 Under the Bridge (a music themed ride)

The ride of the year, have to admit it was very hard to choose one and formulate this list. Kent was there and the nostalgic visit to Whitemud park took me back to nineteen ninety three!

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